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Retreat Yourself was launched to inspire and encourage women to take time out to prioritise looking after themselves and take care of their mind, body and soul.

By sending seasonal packages to women across Australia filled with quality locally made and sourced products, it allows women to take time out to recharge, refresh and renew. Using the Retreat Yourself Box, RY Wellness Guide, and taking part in the Retreat Yourself Experience, results in a renewed sense of wellbeing, deep feeling of contentment and fresh outlook on life.

The dandelion is at the very essence of the RY brand. It evokes a sense of hope and freedom and an overall sense of calmness. Within the realm of meditation, the dandelion represents growth, clarity, healing, radiance and happiness. All vital elements on the journey of self love and acceptance and at the very heart of the RY experience.


Working with Kate from the very beginning meant we had the opportunity to delve deep into her initial business idea and continue to do so over time as the brand evolved.

Based south of Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road, the brand naturally took strong visual cues from the quintessential Australia beach, sand and water. With a focus on vibrant imagery and quality products, it was important for the brand to be honest, transparent, fun and energetic.


Rather than referencing graphics heavily used within the wellness industry, the brandmarks were simple and typographic, allowing the content and supporting visuals to be key in building the brand messaging.

By using muted variations of turquoise, blue, grey and yellow, this allows a diverse colour palette giving the brand a natural, relaxed feel.

“I met Jodi during 2015 in a Facebook forum for an online business course we were both attending. I was looking for a designer and put the feelers out there to find someone who understood my brand and would be able to bring the vision that was in my head, to life.

I had many people contact me about design, however Jodi was the first to be efficient in organising a Skype meeting so that we could discuss the concept ‘in person’. Right from the get-go, Jodi understood what I was looking for, it was almost like she was in my head! Not only did she know how to bring my ideas to life, but she was incredibly good at it too.

I now work with Jodi on an ongoing basis - she is diligent, creative, and consistently goes above and beyond in every given task. I can’t speak highly enough of her and the work she’s done for Retreat Yourself. I not only view Jodi as my designer, but I now view Jodi as a friend too. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without her.”

Kate Williams // Founder & Editor // Retreat Yourself Box


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