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After working one-on-one with Sian, as her go-to graphic designer for her boutique personal development website Woman Rising audience, I was stoked to find out she was launching an empowering virtual classroom The Woman Rising Network. The Woman Rising Network is a membership site, created to support women of all ages who are working mums, inspired business owners and passionate career women who are seeking real honest conversations and heart-felt information which they can implement in their own life from wherever they are. Offering expert talks, practical resources, a supportive community and frequent Q& A sessions for kickass women who are following their passions in business.



TWRN audience doesn't have the time to attend in person events as they juggle their business, care for their children, work on their business from home, or hustle on the side of their 9 to 5. With this in mind, the digital collateral had to capture the attention of busy women, yet connect emotionally with those who are are ready to live a life of inspiration, intention and motivation while connecting and having heart-driven conversations.


These women are business savvy, regular users of social media, and want information that is quick and easy to digest in their own time. They notice quality design amongst a plethora of online offerings so it was important to keep things simple, clean and straight to the point. The ebooks and digital graphics are created to compliment the warm, soft, optimistic Woman Rising brand identity whilst having a strong focus on fresh, inspiring and eye-catching photography.


“When I decided to create The Woman Rising Network I knew I needed to find someone who understood what I was trying to achieve to help me achieve my vision. From the very beginning Jodi was incredible to work with. Not only friendly and approachable with all my 'stupid' questions but she instilled me with confidence that she would create the perfect digital products for my new community website. 

Jodi was always one step ahead of me and coming to me first with ideas and suggestions, which took a load off my plate while I managed everything else. 

Her style, approachability, creative-sass, personality and incredible eye for detail blew me away. I recommend her to anyone seeking a qualified, efficient and fabulous designer who is looking for a partner to work with - not just another designer!”


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